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Benefits of Asset Tracking and Site Audits
  • Effectively manage your site and tower space
  • Know what sites are available for co-location possibilities
  • Collect information for Engineering or the Government (Latitude, Longitude, AMSL, Digital Pictures)
  • Provide RF engineering growth information
  • Manage your network asset information easier and faster
  • Electronically link finance information to engineering operations
  • Help manage your network footprint
  • Control your spares expenditures
  • Transfers and moves recorded electronically
  • No more ugly write offs
  • Manage all vendor's performance
  • Help manage technician's spares and time on the road
  • Track warranty dates
  • Track assets revision level and serial number
  • Assign parent child asset structure for proper hierarchy (Cards belong to a shelf, shelf belongs to a cabinet and so on)



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