Cellular, Switch, Inventory Services

In providing data collections services for a Rural Suburban Area (RSA), Metropolitan Suburban Area (MSA), or a national rollout project, we will complete all cell sites, switches, warehouses, third party warehouses, cell depots, and tech vehicles. Our high level consulting services consist of assisting your staff in setup, staff management, training, project management, inventory, auditing, or complete full implementation services. This allows your staff resources to be allocated and utilized for other business functions that are needed with in your infrastructure.

Telco Asset Management Services Inc. (TAMS INC.) specializes in providing services to the wireless industry. TAMS INC. has experience in implementing national rollouts for AT&T Wireless Services, Cingular Wireless, Cellular One, BellSouth Mobility, and Sprint PCS. TAMS INC. also has experience in completing smaller wireless rollouts such as Ameritech, Comcast Communications, SNET, and AirGate PCS.


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