Civil Classification Services

Telco Asset Management Services provides complete civil classification services. These services include software creation and custom configuration to project management and implementation. TAMS INC. has completed multiple civil classification projects for national carriers.

TAMS Inc. can perform the following civil classification services:

  • Security and Access information
  • Site enclosure information
  • Power information
  • FCC Signage
  • Tower information
  • Antenna Arrays
  • Shelter Information
  • GPS/AMSL Information
  • Laser Surveying Information
  • Site CADD drawings
  • Co-locate information

TAMS INC. has developed unique processes and procedures to ensure all information gathered on each site is done efficiently, accurately, and stored electronically. TAMS INC. uses all of the latest equipment such as digital cameras, GPS gear, laptops, laser surveying equipment, and database storage equipment to gather and collect this information.


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